US Chartbook

About the Chartbook (v0.1)

The chartbook is a PDF document that I've put together to help analyze the US economy. The goal is to bridge the gap between data resources like FRED and professional analysis such as the Article IV report. The chartbook is more-curated than FRED and has structure, descriptive text, and adds some context and analysis. At the same time, the chartbook is more detailed, stable, and up to date than the Article IV.

Importantly, the chartbook is open source, so people are welcome to use the Source Code for their own projects or suggest edits. If you find an error, and I'm sure there are many, please let me know.

The chartbook is currently in its first official release verson, 0.1. I hope other people will find it useful.

Source Code


(PDF) Notes on the US economy, including charts and links to data and source code.